“Japan’s Best Breasts” BDSM Modeling Competition

Producer: Soft on Demand (2009)

Tired of sex with the same hookers and escorts every week, a horny group of Japanese salarymen devise a new pastime. They hire a mama-san to round up a set of beautiful amateur women from every walk of life: nurses, secretaries, athletes and students, et cetera. The game: to identify, and endlessly fondle, the best pair of breasts in Japan.

These women are tied and collared, barcoded and stripped to the waist, finally and lined up for inspection and review. Scores are based upon breast size and shape, bounciness, and overall appeal.

First prize? Group sex. Last prize? The same, naturally.

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5 Responses to “Japan’s Best Breasts” BDSM Modeling Competition

  1. chris says:

    Now that sounds like a fun way to spend an evening πŸ˜€
    chris recently posted..Nun and the maid

  2. masdon says:

    where is this video from and where can we find it?????

  3. masdon says:

    so im guessing the title of this dvd is japans best breasts

  4. No One says:

    For those wondering, Soft-on-Demand’s product code for this is SDMS-840.

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