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Create the Ultimate Home-made Gimp Suit with Bondage Tape

Caution: This inspirational gimp suit scene was executed by the Japanese bondage professionals at Sanwa Mook. you should probably not try this at home. That said, if you did try this at home, you would only need a few rolls … Continue reading

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Petplay in a Latex Rubber Dogsuit

A few serious fans of petplay enjoy wearing these special suits. This example is known as a dogsuit, pupsuit, or sometimes gimpsuit. The suit forces a pet on stay on the floor, on their bound hands and knees. Such a … Continue reading

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Tokyo’s Secret Pussy Garden

Producer: Soft on Demand (2009) Cleverly hidden within a Tokyo suburb lies a special garden for men. Instead of flowers, the entire garden is filled with pussy!

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How to Create a Lifelike Sex Doll–For Under $30

Some people say a sex doll is the next best thing to a real woman. But as you can see here, PD believes a real woman is only the next best thing to a living sex doll. Watch as he … Continue reading

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Photo Gallery: Ms. Calico Endures Extreme Puppy Girl Bondage

In this photo gallery, fetish pet Calico demonstrates a rare and exciting form of petplay bondage. Each of her limbs are bound into stumps with compression wrap, and she is forced for walk on all fours during her all-female veterinary … Continue reading

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